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For Sale: Huge Comic Book Business Inventory (Marvel/DC/Indy)*100+ Long Boxes.
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Fri, 3/10/23, 11:36 am
For Sale: Huge Comic Book Business Inventory (Marvel/DC/Indy)*100+ Long Boxes.

Huge Comic Book Business Inventory (Marvel/DC/Indy)*100+ Long Boxes.

Rare Opportunity - Especially These Days! This is not loose, Bulk material that you have to sort, bag & board, etc. This is working business inventory- organized and ready to sell. Only a few recently acquired boxes have yet to be processed. Otherwise, all of the work has been done. Boarded, bagged and organized, saving you a small fortune on materials and weeks/months of work. Quickly increase the volume of an existing business, or launch your startup business off on an excellent foot.

*Marvel/DC/Indy. Mostly all Modern-Age.
*Loads of Major Titles. Super Variety Throughout.
*Bagged/Boarded and Alpha-numerically Organized.
*Comes with Inventory Schematic for quick locating of eBay Store Items.
*Average Grades: VF/NM. (Very Small Percentage of lesser grades)

THE EBAY COMIC STORE INVENTORY! (Our eBay Store specializes in Sets, Lots and Runs. Approx 1,500 Listings. Nearly all Sets,Lots and Runs.) *Even steeply discounted the eBay Storeís Inventory Value exceeds $30,000 - And thatís only about a 3rd of the Inventory. It can all be yours for considerably less than the eBay Storeís value which again, is only about a third of the entire Inventory. Best yet - this is not loose, unbagged / unorganized material. Fresh Bags and boards alone run into a few thousands of dollars.
*This is not a random bulk Inventory deal. This is highly organized business stock. (Comes with Inventory Schematic for locating eBay Items.) The Rest of the Inventory - the remaining approx 2/3rds - is alpha/numerically organized.
Full Fledged Business Inventory in One Fell Swoop! You wonít find another deal like this out there. eBay Store Inventory can be viewed on eBay under Collectors-Scene. The entire Inventory can be view on my CollectorsScene website. Just add the dot com at the end.

So, swing your truck on through and Iíll help you load it up. There are No stairs to climb and the weather is always pleasant in Vegas.

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