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For Sale: 900 comics: Batman, Doom Patrol, Flash, JLA ++
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Perry Beider
Mon, 6/27/22, 1:28 pm
For Sale: 900 comics: Batman, Doom Patrol, Flash, JLA ++

Iím a comics reader who needs to prune my collection periodically and can now part with some of my favorite runs that Iíve replaced w/ TPB and HC collections. Some highlights of the sale list:

  • Full runs of Morrisonís Doom Patrol, Waidís Flash, Morrison and Millarís Flash, Waidís JLA, Busiekís JLA, and Ostranderís Firestorm;
  • Large runs of Englehartís Green Lantern, Ostranderís Suicide Squad, and Gerberís Howard the Duck;
  • Gaimanís two-part ďWhatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?Ē and all of Brennertís Batman stories;
  • Complete miniseries like Morrisonís All-Star Superman and Final Crisis, Jonhsís Infinite Crisis, Cookeís DC: The New Frontier, and Abnett and Lanningís Legion Lost;
  • and the full run of the Waid / Bedard / Shooter Legion of Super-Heroes series.

The list of all 900 comics is available at and some photos are available at . Please contact me at for more photos or more detailed info about the condition of particular books.

Asking price is $595 plus shipping (see the Craigslist post for shipping costs), or best offer. (I have one low-ball offer already that Iím in no hurry to accept.)

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