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For Sale: SANDMAN Presents:LUCIFER Set (DC-Vertigo/1999)*Full Run!
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Sat, 5/8/21, 1:41 pm
For Sale: SANDMAN Presents:LUCIFER Set (DC-Vertigo/1999)*Full Run!

SANDMAN Presents:LUCIFER Set (DC-Vertigo/1999)*Full Run!
*(Grade:NEAR MINT)
#1,2,3*final issue

*The 10th Anniversary of The Sandman continues with the debut of a 3-issue miniseries that finds Heaven calling on the fallen angel Lucifer for assistance. A magical force begins granting wishes to ordinary mortals, with sinister and unpredictable results. Heaven, forbidden to intervene directly, asks Lucifer to investigate and trace this mysterious power to its source. Despite himself, Lucifer agrees, embarking on a journey that will take him back to the Hell he abandoned and beyond. The ex-Lord of Hell returns to his former realm, seeking to interrogate its new rulers for clues about an ancient magical force that is unleashing chaos on Earth by granting mortal wishes. Tracking the chaos to its source leads Lucifer straight to a young mortal girl, Rachel Begai, still shocked and guilt-struck over a wish that caused her brother's untimely death. And when a demonic third party enters the fray, hoping to exploit the wish-giving magic for his own evil purposes, Rachel finds that she may be the key to preventing the world from destroying itself--but the price of power is a dangerous alliance with Lucifer. Written by Mike Carey. Painted art and cover by Scott Hampton.

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