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For Sale: Huge Lot of Fantastic Four Comics
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Thu, 5/2/19, 7:32 am
For Sale: Huge Lot of Fantastic Four Comics

Fantastic Four Marvel Comics Bronze / Copper Age lot of 150 plus books.

99.9 % are VF at the least with the majority being NM+

The few that are not I have graded separately.

161 175 195 all GD 233 & 263 are reproduction copies 340 VG Annual 12 GD

The majority.....


V.2 (Heroes Reborn) 1(both covers)2,3,5-13

V.3 (Heroes Return) 1-5,8-12,15,16,19-30

Annual 22 27 2000

Milestone Reprints of FF 1 and 5

Atlantis Rising Special

Several more FF and related:
Marvel Two-In-One, Thing, FF Roast,
FF Unlimited

$100 free shipping

Books will be packaged securely and shipped with the utmost care.

Thank you!" VSPACE=1 BORDER=0>

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