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For Sale: WONDER WOMAN Vol.2 #1 (DC)*1st Collector's Issue!
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Sat, 10/14/17, 2:28 pm
For Sale: WONDER WOMAN Vol.2 #1 (DC)*1st Collector's Issue!

WONDER WOMAN Vol.2 #1 (DC)*1st Collector's Issue!
*(Grade:NEAR MINT)
*In this post-Crisis On Infinite Earths re-imagining of the Wonder Woman mythos, Diana is born of clay, growing on Paradise Island to become the champion of the Amazons, and Ares plots destruction, using Steve Trevor as his pawn, while Diana receives the lasso of truth. "The Princess And The Power!" Script by Greg Potter, co-plot and pencils by George Perez, inks by Bruce Patterson. Perez inks first 2 pages and the final page. Wrap-around cover.

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