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For Sale: HOAX HUNTERS Lot (Image Comics)/Only $0.99 Cent!
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Mon, 5/8/17, 2:49 pm
For Sale: HOAX HUNTERS Lot (Image Comics)/Only $0.99 Cent!

HOAX HUNTERS Lot (Image Comics)
*(Grade:NEAR MINT)
#11,12,13*final issue
*(W) Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley (A/CA) Tristan Jones THE BOOK OF MOTHMAN' saga. The final arc of season one. Featuring new series artist TRISTAN JONES! Cryptids begin appearing across the country. Regan joins Donovan to confront a powerful demon in South America. Their encounter with the deadly demon in their search for the Book of All Futures reveals a shocking insight from Donovan's past. Meanwhile, Jack and Ken continue to quell the surging cryptid activity across the Midwest. Tensions build and threats heighten, all leading to the season's powerful conclusion!

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