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For Sale: marvel and DC mini series complete sets & hot runs cheap!!
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Sun, 2/26/17, 8:48 pm
For Sale: marvel and DC mini series complete sets & hot runs cheap!!

This week I have some new marvel and dc mini runs of some key books batman (red hood), cable/deadpool, thor (Ragnorak), flash (zoom) along with some harley quinn catwoman key issues, + left overs at reduced prices

Batman red hood 635-641 complete run:

DC Flash “Blitz” 197-200 featuring zoom:

Catwoman featuring harley quinn issues 84 and 89

I zombie #1

Cable deadpool 1-6 and bonus deadpool early editions

Thor (ragnorak) story line avengers disassembled 80-85 complete

all books are in great shape and start prices are some of the lowest on ebay
Combined shipping is available.

I have some left over runs from the previous week reduced as well:
DC new frontier 1-6, batman joker last laugh 1-6, spider-man black cat “evil that men do 1-6, spider-man blue 1-6, batgirl year one 1-9, catwoman when in rome 1-6, fantastic four 1-12 greatest comic magazine, captain america Truth 1-6

All of these are complete in great shape and reduced to a close out price of $5.99 check out “my other auctions available” on ebay for links to these reduced sets of great books

Thanks for taking a look at my offerings this week and good lucik with your bids

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