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Re: Buying: Wanted - The Phantom by Lee Falk comics and assorted
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James Lee
Sun, 2/12/17, 9:35 am
Re: Buying: Wanted - The Phantom by Lee Falk comics and assorted

Hi there,

I'm an Australian collector looking to find scarce Lee Falk 'The Phantom' comics and assorted memorabilia for my private collection.

I'm looking for;

Comics and print related;
- McKay Phantom Feature books #20, #22, #39, #57
- Harvey Hits #1 and #6 with Phantom covers.
- King Comics 3-Pack comic display box
- Ace comics with Phantom covers; #151 is a priority but open to others
- 1960's Ottenheimer Color in book

Related memorabilia
- 1944 Phantom Syroco in Purple or Bown. Box of interest also.
- LARAMI Toys company Phantom toys on card.
- HASBRO Phantom Rub Ons or Painting By numbers sets.
- Any original 1943 The Phantom Serial items such as cinema posters, inserts, Lobby cards etc

: What I am not after;
: - Gold Keys or Charlton Comics. Have them all already
: - Moonstone, Marvel etc. Prefer the Lee Falk written stuff too be
: honest.

: Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me any time.


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