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For Sale: Stack of Golden age comics 50% off and more in Oregon

Posted By: Eli
Date: Sun, 9/4/16, 12:49 pm
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Hello, I am a private collector located in Portland Oregon selling some comic books that no longer hold my interest to help me clear out some closet space. Please view the expanded version of this ad to see everything I have availiable. I will ship within the USA and accept postal money orders, or cash sent in a registered envelope. A dialogue about other forms of payment is possible. I've sold a lot of comics locally, but have done lots of mail orders, including several from here with people from out of state sending me cash or postal money order who were happy and willing to give me good references for prompt shipping and accurate grading. Thanks to Andrew, Sherman, Ed, Tanner, Tyler, Michael and others for hooking up with me through this site.

This first list has 40 Golden age comics from the 1940's and 50s that I am selling for a 50% discount from Overstreet annual guide prices.

2 F-
10 F+
Best Romance 5 G/VG
Big Shot 65 F
Blue Bolt
V.4 # 10 G+
V.6 # 5 VG+
Darling Romance 3 G-
Dead-Eye Western By Hillman all are 52 pages
V.1 # 2 VG-
V.1 # 6 VG-
V.1 # 8 VG+
V.1 # 9 VG+
V.1 # 10 G+
V.2 # 1 VG+
Intimate Love 17 G+
Life Story
4 G-
8 G-
Love Confessions 2 G-
Love Dairy 17 G-
Romantic Adventures 20 G-
Romantic Confessions by Hillman all are 52 pages
V.1 # 5 G-
V.1 # 8 G/VG
V.1 # 11 VG+
V.2 # 4 VG-
V.2 # 5 VG
V.2 # 10 G+
Sparkling Stars 12 Fair/G
V.8 # 6 VG+
V.8 # 9 G/VG
Treasure Chest
V.4 # 11 VG+
V.14 # 3 VG/F
V.14 # 7 VG+
V.14 # 10 VG-
V.14 # 14 VG+
V.14 # 15 VG-
Western Fighters by Hillman all are 52 page comics
V.1 # 2 G/VG
V.1 # 5 G
V.1 # 6 G/VG
V.1 # 12 G
V.2 # 5 G+
V.2 # 7 F+
V.3 # 2 G+


Single issues and stacks.............50% below Overstreet Guide Prices
$365 will buy all my golden age comics

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