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Event: Comic Book Garage Sale - North Alabama
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Wed, 4/6/16, 8:58 am
Event: Comic Book Garage Sale - North Alabama

Hello all.
I am planning a COMIC BOOK garage sale April 9th to thin my collection of over 3000 comic books. I will have a few sports card and maybe a few console games, movies and toys.

One Day Only - Apr 9th- 8:30 AM - 1 PM

My garage Sale will be in Magnolia Springs subdivision in Harvest, AL . Exact address will be online Thursday Apr 7th. Map to subdivision provided in ad.

Please see Craigslist ad here

I have over 400 comic books that are suitable for all ages, including My Little Pony, Archie, Richie Rich, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Popeye, and Casper - to name a few.

About one third of my comics are back issues from the last ten years and are in 9.0 or better condition. This comics are from the last fifteen years and valued at cover price . Recent popular titles that I have include Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Justice League, JLA, Detective, and Green Lantern . I have many more Marvel and DC issues from the last ten years.

Buy 10 Recent back issue comics -- Regular Value of $4 or less -- take 10 for $25. (A $40 value)
Buy 30 Recent Back issue comics Regular Value of $4 or less -- take 20 for $45 (A $80 value)
Buy 50 Recent Back issue comics Regular Value of $4 or less -- take 50 for $100 (A $200 value)

Vintage comics I have for sale include Superboy (1960's) , Sugar and Spike (1950's). Walt Disney Comics and Stories (1950's and 1960's), Bob Hope, (1960's), Lois Lane (1950's) Gypsy Colt (1950's Four Color), The True Story of Smokey the Bear (1960 -- US Park Dept); plus Charlton Romance comics and Charlton War (1960's and 1970's) comics.

All are welcome - I am willing to negotiate - how much off depends on how old and rare - the more common an item is, the more I am willing to give $$$ off. If it is old and cool, I will be inclined to give less off.

Check complete inventory online here


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