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For Sale: 23 boxes full of comics
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Charles Darden
Thu, 11/5/15, 1:43 am
For Sale: 23 boxes full of comics

We have over 20 boxes full of comic books for sale. here is a list of many of the titles...Checkmate, Seekers, Dark Horse comics, Ectokid, The Darkness, Thor, Transformers, Dark Days. Justice league of America, Superman, batman, New X-Men, Eye of the storm, Elektre Assasin, Pro, Cage, Muties, Night Mask, Ninja Boy, Xenon, Nam, Gold Digger edge Guard, Shadow lady, Silver Surfer, Stars, Divine Right, Vigalante, Electroc Warrior, Team America, Sun Devils, US 1, Legion, Legion of super heroes, The Authority, The New Mutants, Wild Cats, Force Works, Alien Legion, Daredevil, Mutant X, Anita Blake, Silbuster, Manhunter, Prophet, The Crow, Alice in Lost World, Nomad, Xin, Youngblood, Lone wolf 2100, Legion of super heroes, The tenth, Weapon X, X force, Generation X, Excalibur, X-men phoenix, JLA, Gen 13, X factor, X force, The titans, team titans, justice league, justice league international, weapon x, starman, Gunsmith Cats, Negation, Solus, Crux, Sigil, Ruse, The Red Star, Ruse archards agents, angela, saurians, The Silken Ghost, El Cazador, The Maxx, Mangaverse, Kitty Pryde agent of shield, Green hornet, cartoon network, Sherlock Holmes, Speedball the masked marvel, Badger, Mark of Sharon, The punisher, Dawn, previews terminator 3, manga blast, mangaphile, hyper dolls, Ironman, Legion, Scion, Sojourn, Mystic, Meridian, Path, Sigil, Global frequency, Alias max, atari force, Tigers of Terra, New X-men, Weapon X, X-men Phoenix, Ultimate X-men, West coast Avengers, The terminator, Mai the psychic girl, Jsa, Hawkeye, The outsiders, Captain America, Marvel Knights Punisher, Lost Universe, The Inhumans, Xterminator, Storm Watch, Ultimate War, Justice, Thunderbolts, Rising Stars, Generation X, Agent X, Animal Man, Defiance, Justice league Europe, Green Lantern, team Youngblood, Camelot 3000, 100 bullets, Fantastic five, Warlock, Steel, Ultraverse Solution, Silver surfer, Dragon Lance, Superman, Avengers, Avengers New York salutes, Spidergirl, Empire, Valor, The Phantom, Tale gunner, Fire star, The league of Extradornary gentlemen, Southern Knights, Marvel Age, Omega Men, Power Pack, Strike force mortor, Witchblade, Marvel universe, Union, Moonknight, Ragman, Inferno, Batgirl, Batman Grendel, Earth Dawn, Godzilla, Ladydeath, GI Joe vs Transformers, Game of war, Pirates of Carb. Chibi-pop, Racals in paradise, Renegade Legion, Animerico, Haitasu, Tsunami, Otakon 1999, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2000, The Massive, Katsucon #11, #9, Kakumei, Sonet Bastion, Cannon God, Hyperdolls, Rimfire, Anime-zine, Eastern standard magazine, Reality check, Alpha shade, Dominic deegan, spawn, war machine, Planetray JLA, top 10, violet messiahs, noble causes, the art of studio, benzine, crystal warrior, courageous princess, time traveler, travelers, fragile gravity, ameri manga, blue monday, voodo, superman-robin, cherry comics, batman-red death, blood feud spawn, monotone sky, myth conceptions, the prisoner, death's head, cybernary, night mask, mecha, backlash, fused, wildcats, starman, supreme, steampunk, lionheart, archies, powers, dark knight, mixx novels, hellshock, appleseed, universal blade, team america, dc one million, titans, generations 2, underdog, the first, tomb raider, legionaires, full box of knights of the dinner table, alpha flight, dragonlance, advances dungeons and dragons, head masters, comet man, sledgehammer, cops, cloak and dagger, marvel universe, dragons claws, the new defenders, dp 7, marvel age, arion, mister miracle, manhunter, starman, suicide squad-phoenix gambit, clandestine, J2. silver sable, Nth Man, Infinity, Pokemon, Crusher Joe, Midnight Panther, Cardaptor Sakura, Mecha, Professor Jones, Project Ak-O, battle girls, Battletech, Blue Monday, Chisuji, Drakunn, ONI, Vampt, Tiger X, Twilight X, Zetraman, Stellar losers. Indy 4, jam 5-10, Jet, Knightmare, Macross II, Limerind, Legion athology, Last rites, Legend of Lemnear, Metal bikini, oh my goddess, Manga EX, benzine, for eternity, Exaxxion, Cannon God, You can draw manga, manga shi 2000, cyberwerx, Starblazers, spyboy, shi the series, robotech II, cable, backlash, space 34.24.34, trouble with tigers, excalibur, the punisher, thunderbolts, bishop, chase family secrets, atari force, wolverine, street fighter, spider-girl, superboy, coven, tek world, spiderwoman, deaths head, dangergirl, deathlok, marvel teamup, captain america, she hulk, ghost rider, road runner, tom and jerry, wondergirls, checkmate, havok and wolverine, transformers, wetworks, daredevil, many nija high school, animerica, a box full of gold digger, we also have several lots of 50 various books in lots. probably over 7000 books total available.

Charles Darden

In Response To:
Fri, 11/6/15, 12:40 am
Re: For Sale: 23 boxes full of comics

I have a question, are you selling all boxes or
Can they be sold individually and if so how
Much per box, I appreciate it. Directed by Justin
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