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Buying: ATTN: collectors & dealers
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Supreme Marketing
Fri, 7/24/15, 5:02 pm
Buying: ATTN: collectors & dealers


We are looking for your unwanted comic books! We are paying $50 per box (standard long comic box full) on delivery!

No mature readers/ no adult books
No plastic
Must have covers and all pages intact

For 30 boxes or more please contact us, info will be listed below.
Payment will be made same day as arrival and inspection. All payments that are not electronically will be mailed 2 day express. We will supply tracking information with all payments.

We are buying until we reach over 2 million comics in stock.
We will take thousands of the same issue! Will take overstock!
Any questions please feel to email or call.

Thank you!

Shawn DeMello
Supreme Marketing
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