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For Sale: Hulk #181
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Rich Cata

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Rich Cata
Wed, 7/22/15, 12:12 am
For Sale: Hulk #181

Looking to sell a fine very fine Incredible Hulk 181, first full wolverine appearance. I hope to get $750 but will consider reasonable offers. Message me for scans.

Rich Cata

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Rich Cata

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Chuck D
Fri, 7/31/15, 5:28 pm
Re: For Sale: Hulk #181

Willing to go as low as $375 delivered ( will ship 2nd day delivery carrier of your choice)if I find a buyer this weekend or trade for $600 in comics I need.

Chuck D

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Rich Cata

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Tyler Combest
Fri, 8/21/15, 12:54 pm
Re: For Sale: Hulk #181

Still have the Hulk #181...?


Chuck in Cleveland , Ohio

Tyler Combest

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Chuck D

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Ed Wenberg
Thu, 9/3/15, 10:02 pm
Re: For Sale: Hulk #181

Hi was just wondering if you still got that hulk 181 I will pay 375 for it if I can see it first

Ed Wenberg

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Tyler Combest
Sun, 9/6/15, 10:30 am
Re: For Sale: Hulk #181

I would trade for it . Here are some of the comics that I can trade for it.Lmk if interested in any.


2-First Print NM+ $120


(1st series)
177-Vg $14
188-Vg $10

Justice League of America-
(1st series)
26-Vf $100
70-G $5
71-Vf -Manhunter leaves $35
124-nm $30
135-Vf $15

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen-
69-Vf+ $65

Worlds Finest-
172-F -adult Legion appearance $15


Judge Dredd-
1-F+ $12


Amazing Spider-Man-
298-nm- -1st E Brock $75
299-nm -1st Venom $60

Captain America-
121-vg+ -retells orgin Avengers app. $8
192-vf+ -intro Dr. Karla Solen(Moonstone) $9

1-nm- origin & 1st app. $50

62-f $12

Giant Size-
1-vf -1st Lilith $35
1-vf -1st Lilith $35
1-nm -origin golden-age SUB MARINER $60
4 vg -3rd app.PUNISHER $20

Iron Fist-
1-vf -IRON MAN $45
2-vf+ $30
3-nm- $40
4-vf 18
14-vf+ -1st App. SABERTOOTH $200

Marvel Spotlight-
5-vf+ -1st App. GHOST RIDER $300
10-Vf+ $70
32-vf -1st App. SPIDER WOMAN partial origin +NICK FURY $30

Marvel Tales-(1965)
4-f+ $25

Marvel Team-Up-
53-F+ -HULK,X-MEN,1st Byrne art on X Men $15

New Mutants-
86-nm -1st Cable $10
87-nm -1st full app CABLE $60
2-nm -1st PSYLOCKE $50

Tomb of Dracula-
1-VF+ -1st App DRACULA $200
2-vf+ -$75
3-nm- -intro Dr Rachel Van Helsing $100
4-Vf+ -$60
5-Vf -$35 Directed by Justin
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