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For Sale: Bunch Of Suicide Squad Comics! And LOTS MORE!!!!!!
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Sun, 2/1/15, 3:12 pm
For Sale: Bunch Of Suicide Squad Comics! And LOTS MORE!!!!!!

I have a bunch of suicide squad comics to get rid of. Anyone interested send me an e-mail. I'll send ya pics or let you know what I want for them. It's the original suicide squad comics as well. The more you want the cheaper they are but the most I'd want is $2.00 Canadian for each. Here's the numbers I have: 2,3,10,20,33-41,44-52,61.
I also have lots of other series like Captain Atom : 2-7,9-16,18-23,29,30,50, Annual 2, Conan The Barbarian - 8,93,96,175,178,249,250, DC Blue Ribbon Digest - 1,6,7,8,10,15,16,19,20,24,32,33,36,40,57, Ghosts - 55,70,71,73,75,81,97,100,106, Green Lantern (original) - 0,190,191,193,195,202,210, Howard The Duck - 7,8,14,25,26, Manhunter ('94) - 1-7,10,11,13,14,24, Marc Spector: Moon Knight - 1,13,14,29,34,39,48, Special Edition 1, New Mutants, The - 5,20,37,41,42,49,53,54,60,62,64, Outsiders, The - 3,6,26-28,35,36, Special 1, Punisher, The - 53-55,58,61,64-68,70,85, Savage Sword Of Conan - 59,110,112,116,191,193,195,197-201,205,207,210,216,230,234,235, Sleepwalker - 1,3,7,8-11,15-25,31, holiday special 1, Spectacular Spider-Man, The - 200,225,231, Superman (original) - 341,382,422, Superman (80's/90's) - 0,36,75,78,82,93.94,96,103,106,114-117,123,135,136, Annual 5,7,8,10, Superman - Man Of Steel - 22,24,30,39,40,44,46,58,59,61,62,63,69,80, Annual 1,4, Weird War Tales - 17,45,71,84,90,94,105,111,114,115,121,124 Weird Western Tales - 19,25,30,33,36,37,38,45,47,53,58,Action Comics -- 361,427,484,504,515,539,542,595,599,601,603-625,627-641,643,662,651,685-687,704,705,710,724,726,727,752,756, Annual 3,5 and much more! For a complete list send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you. I have 1000's of comics and I am not being very picky with the price. I need room in my house and need to get rid of some. I'll ship anywhere. I accept paypal and e-mail transfers. Ship same day and always give tracking numbers.

I have lots of graphic novels and complete sets as well. I also have lots from every era. So give me a shout if you don't want to burn your pockets to get your collections complete.

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