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For Sale: 8000+ Collection 4 Sale Los Angeles Area
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Thu, 9/25/14, 10:58 pm
For Sale: 8000+ Collection 4 Sale Los Angeles Area

After many many years of collecting, cataloging, bagging and boarding, I've decided to sell on. I have a total of 8283 catalogued into an excel file noting title, publisher, grade and cover price. All have been bagged and boarded with date noted on bag. Most I've acquired from garage sales, small collections, comic shows, flea markets and swap meets. Very few were bought new by me.

Of the total 267 are .10 cents, 1019 are .12 cent or less, 1687 are .15 cents or less covers, 3847 are .25 cents or less, 5161 are .35 cents or less and 6824 are .65 cents or less with balance various above that. Within the total are some orphans - promotional comics and such without cover pricing. I rarely kept books in which the condition/grade prohibited reading of the comic, and the vast majority are VG and above. The Dollar amount if all the cover prices are totaled is $4218.86. I can supply the Excel file upon request with your email. PLEASE ENSURE YOU PROVIDE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

If this advertisement is still up, the comics are still for sale. I am serious about selling but I am not desperate. Although I fully understand that comic book dealers cannot pay retail, I WILL NOT sell at or below the cover price total. Obviously you need to see the collection before you buy them, but I would like to get an approximate idea of what your offer would be after you review the Excel file so as to not waste my time or yours. I will get back in touch promptly either to arrange viewing or to decline the offer. I will provide two Excel files, one lists the comics in ascending order by cover price the other solely by alphabet and issue number. Directed by Justin
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