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For Sale: 10,000+ comic collection
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Thu, 8/21/14, 8:35 pm
For Sale: 10,000+ comic collection

COMICS Over 10,000 comic books. My daughter collected from 1960 to 2007, I only know some facts about the collection; the majority are Marvel but some DC. The DC mainly chosen because artist involved (Neal Adams etc). She would read once and put in long comic book boxes. She also used special bags with boards. I don't know how many runs there are, but she was proud of her uninterrupted runs on 'major titles' and once said the collection value was anywhere between '$26K to $39K cover versus Overstreet'.
I am looking for someone to purchase everything, to go towards her son's college. I know most of them are worth many dollars each, but I have no lists so I am only asking .70 cents each ($7000) for someone willing to take a chance. There are over 100 comic boxes involved, in Hollywood Florida if you are in the area and want to view.

If interested please contact me at

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