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For Sale: Nightwing TPBs and solid run of singles
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Tammy Suto
Thu, 8/7/14, 6:01 pm
For Sale: Nightwing TPBs and solid run of singles

Due to finances I'll be selling my Nightwing comics. These are from his original series when he was in Bludhaven. These are before the recent DC reboot did to the character. This is a full run but are mixed from trades to singles. The single issues are as follows:

#23, 30, 40, 47, 51, 53, 61 thru 101, 105, 107, 112 thru 153 as well as Annuals 1 and 2, Our Worlds at War Nightwing Special; 1-4 of Nightwing's first mini series, the 80-page special and Alfred's return.

The trades are:
Love and Bullets (15)
Mobbed Up ($12)
Year One (15)
On the Razor's Edge ($15)
The Hunt for Oracle (15)
A Darker Shade of Justice ($15)
A Knight in Bludhaven ($15)
Rough Justice ($12)
Big Guns ($12)

I can sell the trades together or separately but the issues need to sell as a lot except for the specials, those I can sell by themselves.

The trades are all like new/VG as they were read lightly once and then stored in a long box along with the issues. Not all of the issues are in bags or boarded but will be packed well to ensure safe delivery.

If the whole lot, issues and trades are bought together price would be $225 not including media S&H. The price for the comics alone $125 not including S&H and the trades will be listed above.
I'll be listing on E-bay if they don't sell here and Payment is via Paypal. Also shipping is only in the US. Directed by Justin
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