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For Sale: Comics, Comic Art, & More!
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Ashley G.
Wed, 8/6/14, 9:08 am
For Sale: Comics, Comic Art, & More!

Hello everyone!

My name is Ashley, and I wanted to share my Etsy website with you all. We sell several vintage comic books, and I also make crafts with ones that I find that are already coming away from the spine or cheap. My most popular items are the custom made comic book storage boxes. I use actual panels and decoupage them onto the boxes; it makes the white boxes a lot more interesting. I've actually done several of my husband's long boxes in the closet, so now he actually knows which comics are in which box, and they're fun to look at! I put a layer of protective mod podge over the whole thing when I'm done as well. I've included my website at the bottom here. Thanks for your consideration, and please pass this along to anyone else that you think might be interested, thanks! Directed by Justin
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