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For Sale: Over two hundred
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Sun, 7/13/14, 7:51 am
For Sale: Over two hundred

All books are in mint cond. most never opened they come bagged and boarded and in a box well kept I don't smoke I don't have kids most we're never even opened this is a great way to get back into collecting them

Graphic novels

Watch men
Green lantern-legacy
Batman black and white vol. 1-2
Batman the dark knight returns & strikes again


30 days of nights - red snow # 1,2 . Beyond barrow #1. Eben and Stella #1

Week 52- call to arms, the valiant, he'll is for heroes, United we stand, world war three begins

Batman- batman and logo #2

Batman detective- 833,838,839,840,841,842

Captain America- 31,33,34,35

Captain America - the chosen 1,3 regular and variant

Captain America - fallen son 1,2,3,4,5,6 + 1 double 4 variant-

Captain America - civil war 22,23,24-

Captain America- the initiative 26,27,29(2),30(2)

Captain marvel- 2,3 of five

Civil war- 1,2,4,5,6 variant 1,3,7

Civil war- battle damage

Civil war- frontline #1

Civil war- chronicles #1,2,3

Civil war- the return #1

Civil war- Choosing sides

Civil war-war crimes #1

Fantastic four- May #38,118,228-263,276

Fantastic four- civil war 535,536,537,538,539,540,541

Fantastic four- death of a Fantastic four member 585,586,587

Fell- #1

Green arrow- year one #1,2,4

Green arrow- 74,75 July 2007

Green arrow& black canary - #1 wedding special

Hulk - 103,106

Hulk- world war 1 of five

Iron man- civil war 13,14

Iron man- casualties of war

Iron man- 1of six hypervelocity

Loveless- 2,3,4,6,9,11,12,13

Marvel zombies 2- 1,2,3,5

Punisher- war journal civil war 1,2,2,3

Spawn- #12

the amazing Spider-Man - #529, civil war decisions 529-532, 533,534,535,537+variant,538.

the amazing Spider-Man- back in black 539,540,542,543,

the amazing Spider-Man-one more day #544 + variant,545

the amazing Spider-Man- Sketchbook

the amazing Spider-Man- brand new day #546,547,549,550,551,552

Death of spider man - scavengers vs. New ultimates 1,3,4,5-

Death of spider man- prelude # 153,154,155,157,158,159,160

Friendly neighborhood Spiderman- back in black #18

Friendly neighborhood Spiderman- Oct. #24 + variant

Spiderman family- #1 back in black

The sensational Spiderman- back in black #35

The sensational Spiderman- Dec. #41+ variant

Spiderman- with great powers comes great responsibility

Thunder bolt- civil war# 103,104,105

What if ? - Spider-Man vs. Wolverine#1

What if ?- #1 civil war

Wolverine- civil war #42,43,44,45,46,47

Wolverine- annual#1

Wolverine- casualties of war #48,49,58,60,61,62

X-Men- civil war #1,2,3,4

X-factor- civil war #8,9


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Sun, 7/13/14, 1:52 pm
Re: For Sale: Over two hundred

Hello Seller, how are you doing and family i saw your posting on am so much interested in it, Am waiting for your reply as soon as possible Directed by Justin
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